How To Construct and Finish A Bias Facing

| March 19, 2010

         Bias facings on blouses and dresses are not hard to do – in fact you can do a bias facing instead of putting on that collar that came with the pattern.  Here’s an easy and quick way to make and finish a bias facing.            A bias strip should be twice the desired finished […]

Construction and Finishing Shaped Neckline Facings

| March 10, 2010

Construction and finishing shaped neckline facings:              To help maintain the shape of the facing, and not stretch it, it is good to staystitch a line ¼” inside the neck seamline of each facing section, as indicated in the left hand illustration show above.             With right sides together and the markings matched, stitch the […]

How To Attach A Stand Up Collar

| March 3, 2010

I really like the “stand up” collars – it’s so easy to add a little extra to dress up the garment.  A necklace or two looks very nice, or you could add a scarf to make a professional look.  And the great thing is that the stand up collars are easy to make!           After […]

Gooey Hearts Toddler Shirt

| February 5, 2010

We’ve had the pleasure of using wonderful tutorials from Jessica at HappyTogether previously, and we found another one for you.  This one is just in time for Valentine’s Day — and I believe every little girl should have one of these Gooey Hearts Shirts!!! Isn’t that just the prettiest little girl and cutest little shirt!  […]

How To Make Boo Boos Feel Better!

| December 30, 2009

If you’d like to sew something that every toddler (and older person as well) would love to have for those boo boos, try this BooBoo Buddy that Trish from Simple Up shows how to make.  The fabric looks so soft, and they recommend putting it in the freezer until you need it for a boo […]

Wrap Your Baby In A “Gift” Onsie!

| December 21, 2009

Just found the most darling “gift” onsie, which would make the perfect Christmas day attire for any small baby!!  Carrie at MakeLemonadeBlog has a tutorial for making this super gift onsie. The tutorial is easy and quick, so if you have babies in your home, you still have time to make one!   Thank you so […]

Christmas Apron Tutorial

| December 12, 2009

Whether you want to look Christmasy for your Christmas dinner, cook and bake in true Christmas aprons or give aprons as gifts, I’ve found a perfect Christmas gift / tutorial for you! Phyllis Dobbs has a tutorial ready for you to begin sewing that perfect Christmas apron.  Check out this snazzy apron, then dig into […]

Christmas Gifts For Your Man

| November 29, 2009

Yesterday we did a post about making Christmas gifts for teens and toddlers, so today I want to give you a couple of ideas for gifts for your husband, boyfriend, son — the men in your life. The first idea is a tutorial for a “bed caddy”, which would be perfect for my husband – […]

Make A Tube Wreath Tutorial

| October 31, 2009

This tube wreath tutorial is just in time for Christmas!  You can make a small wreath to hang on interior doors, a mirror or on a shelf above the kitchen pots and pans to help get you into the Christmas spirit. The tube wreath is super super simple to make and looks great. Materials needed: […]

How To Make Tank Top Totes

| October 25, 2009

I’ve just found a way to use those tank tops that no longer fit, and the ones that I bought that were too big to start with, but are still hanging in the closet (with price tags still on!). Monica Ewing at the CraftyNest website has a great tutorial on how to make two different […]