Sewing Shortcuts are a Lifesaver to Seamstresses Short on Time!

| February 5, 2015

When a deadline for doing a sewing job is very near, shortcuts can mean the difference between it being wise or foolish for an expert or novice to undertake the project.  For those who dislike detail or those whose temperaments demand that a project must go quickly, shortcuts can mean the difference between continued interest or giving […]

Hand Sewing Secrets

| September 23, 2013

For those of us in the sewing or craft businesses, there’s always hand sewing that needs to be done.  Some projects require more handwork than others, but very seldom do we skate through a project without at least a little hand sewing to do.  There are a lot of little things that can be done to make […]

How To Make The Most Of Your Sewing Time

| October 21, 2010

I don’t know about you, but I often get myself so strung out on multiple projects that I sometimes wonder if I’ll get any of the projects finished!  If you have children or grandchildren you may find yourself in the same situation as I get into — NEVER make a skirt or pair of shorts  […]

WHAT?? My Sewing Machine Needle Is In Backwards?

| October 14, 2010

Have you ever been so frustrated with your sewing machine you’d like to throw it out the window?  Ok, take it in and get it fixed — after paying the high dollars for repair, did the repairman at the shop bother to tell you that the only problem was that you had the needle in backwards?  […]

Tips For Sewing Machine Needles And Bobbins

| September 30, 2010

Well, we’re right in the middle of sewing a variety of zippers, and of all times we don’t need to have problems with the thread/needle and/or bobbins is while we’re trying to get the zipper installed! Before you start any sewing project – and most especially those tedious ones like zippers and buttons/buttonholes, make sure […]

How To Recycle Home Decor Items For Extra Money

| September 9, 2010

Actually, for anyone in a sewing business, this post will give you some tips for making items to sell, and whether you’re in a sewing business or just someone who likes to sew, these tips on how to recycle home decor items COULD be used  as a beginning of Christmas gifts. The home decor items we’ll […]

Thursday Tips

| September 2, 2010

We’re going to be starting a new category here at SewingBusiness entitled “Thursday Tips”.  We’re collecting sewing and craft tips from everywhere to pass along to our readers, and we’d love to have you send in your favorite tips as well to pass along. Today’s tip is no surprise — September is National Sewing Month, […]

Viva La Moda Project Reconstruction Issue

| August 31, 2010

The haut indie online magazine Viva La Moda now has their new issue #10 available for free online.  This edition of the handmade fashion magazine highlights summer fashion and knits in addition to the Project Reconstruction contest where some amazing designers were challenged to reconstruction a mens shirt for the magazine.  Check out all the […]

What is “Niche” Marketing?

| August 23, 2010

For those of us who do sewing, crafting or alterations as a home based and/or internet based business, we keep hearing about finding our own “niche”.  How do you find your own niche, and to follow that — what is niche marketing? What type of business do you have?  Sewing? Crafting? Alterations?  That’s the easy […]

Make Scrappy Gifts For The Holiday Season

| September 21, 2009

As you probably already know, I’ve been “hit” by something pretty rough – am still taking the daily IV antibiotic therapy treatments at the local hospital and  having to take 2 additional antiobiotic types of pills (been going on since the 10th of Sept).  The doctor says it’s a “severe allergic reaction”, which he believes […]