How To Save Money On Store Bought Patterns

| June 27, 2012

Many times it takes MORE time to alter a store bought pattern so it will hopefully fit than it takes to actually SEW the pattern.  We all have our particular “adjustment” areas — hips, waistline, bust issues, etc.   How often have you FINALLY gotten a pattern to fit right and actually look good, when the […]

How Much Do You Pay To Ship Orders To Your Customers?

| April 13, 2011

Most of us that are in some type of sewing or crafting business ship orders of some kind to customers around the country.  What method of shipping do you use?  Have you ever compared the costs of the various shipping companies to see where you could get the best deal?   I’m kind of a “stuck […]

Whose Products Do You Promote Most?

| March 1, 2011

How much time do you spend deciding which products to promote on your website or blog?  Let’s think about it for a minute — XYZ company pays 7% commission for every sale and has lots of great items that can be promoted.  ABC company pays 10% commission, but somehow their products don’t appeal to me as […]

Petite Children Have Special Sewing Needs Too!

| February 22, 2011

We talk and read so much about plus size children – how difficult it is to fit them as well as the fact that there are getting to be more and more children in the “overweight” and “obese” categories. With so much talk about the plus sizes, we rarely hear about  small petite children.  I […]

Who Makes The Most Affiliate Income?

| February 14, 2011

I have been reading quite a few articles about those “super” affiliates and how much money they are making.  But, WHO are those super affiliates, and how much money does it take to actually satisfy somebody who is working the affiliate markets? Oh,  I’d be really happy to be one of those who can say […]

Lessons Learned From Attending A Conference

| February 2, 2011

Denise and I attended a blogging conference this past week in Nashville, and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter WHAT type of business you’re in, the information at these conferences is top notch! Of course, because this was a “blogging” conference, their workshops and classes were all about helping each other, promoting […]

Earn Extra Money- Teach Sewing Classes

| January 27, 2011

During this troubled economic  time, everywhere you look there are articles about people going “back to the basics” – meaning doing their own gardening and canning, digging out their sewing machines or buying a used sewing machine so they can learn the basics of sewing to help save money. This where you and your sewing […]

The Five Best Sellers Are………..

| January 24, 2011

How many emails have you gotten lately that lists that particular company’s best selling products?  If you subscribe to emails from, or any of the notion companies, you’ve probably gotten quite a few emails along this line.  And, if you’re like me, I like to know what others are buying to see if […]

Saving Money Is Equal To Making Money

| January 17, 2011

Isn’t it amazing how, with the economy in the dumps and unemployment is skyhigh, prices everywhere are going up, up, up!  Gas prices keep going up, groceries are on a steady rise, and even at our favorite fabric shop just three weeks ago, one of our main fabrics that we constantly buy jumped up $2.00 a […]

Have You Set Goals For The New Year?

| January 10, 2011

Everywhere I look I see articles, blog posts and stories about “organizing for the new year” or “clean out the cupboard”.  I am SO inspired to do both of those this year!  I always thought I wanted to belong to the “she who has the biggest fabric stash when she dies is the winner” club […]