The Votes Are In…… And I’m AMAZED!

| September 20, 2012

A few weeks ago we ran a post asking the question,  “Who do you sew more for…… plus size/full figure women or overweight/obese children”?  We have gotten a TON of emails from people answering that question and reasons WHY they do what they do. By far the MAJORITY of people responding say they sew for […]

Why Do You Have A Website Or Blog?

| December 6, 2010

What made you decide to start up a website or a blog?  What is the purpose for it?  Have you actually thought about why you wanted to set up the website or blog?  For some people it was sort of a “peer” pressure thing — my friends all have blogs, so I wanted to keep […]

What To Do About The Unending Economic Crisis

| September 20, 2010

When my son’s children get mad – don’t get their way – or just feel like throwing a fit about something that didn’t go like they thought it should, my son sits them down and calmly tells them that it’s ok to get angry.  We all get angry from time to time, but it’s what […]

Working From Home WILL Change Your Life!

| September 6, 2010

For those of you who already work “from your home” or “out of your house” will know exactly where I’m coming from with the things I point out to you today.  For those of you who are still “on the fence” about working from home (except for an hour or so after the kids go […]

School Is Starting Today

| August 16, 2010

School is starting today for our grandchildren, however other schools will not start until next Monday. Even though school is or has started, it is NOT too late to do “back to school” sewing for those hard to fit children who probably are starting school with only one or two outfits.  Check out the PlusSizeChildren […]