Xyron 510 Label Maker

| November 19, 2008

About a month ago my daughter bought a Xyron 510 label maker off Ebay and promptly started making refrigerator magnets, labels and name tag buttons for each of us to wear to the Honey festivals that we were participating in.There are a couple models to choose from – the Xyron 510 and the Xyron 900.  […]

Two Buttonhole Sewing Notions

| August 30, 2008

Everyone who sews has a drawer or basket full of handy little sewing notions. tools and gadgets – most of them are necessary tools, and some are just there because they looked like they’d be nice to have, so we bought them.Today I’ll talk about two handy little tools that I find very handy to have.  First […]

What’s All The Fuss About Bias Tape Makers

| August 24, 2008

I’ve found the GREATEST tutorial about how to use a relatively new tool — bias tape maker.  The tutorial is at NicoleMDesignBlogspot, and it’s a FABULOUS tutorial!  My next purchase is going to be one of these handy little tools! So what’s all the fuss about Bias Tape Makers…? …They will CHANGE YOUR LIFE, that’s […]

GeMagic Stud Setting Machine

| June 10, 2008

The GeMagic Stud Setting Machine is indeed a “magic” machine!This tool is put out by the Harvest Direct company, and is available in WalMart for around $20.00.The package contains the main stud setting machine, shown above, as well as a portable “MiniMagic” tool that is portable so you can carry it from room to room […]