How To Make Pleats

| December 31, 2008

Pleats can be rather daunting at times, and if you’re not familiar with the terms knife pleat, box pleat or continuous pleats, it might be scary when you know you want pleats of some kind in a garment or in a craft item.Pleats are folds in the fabric that provide controlled fullness.  Pleating may be […]

Passion for Pleats Turns into $8 Million in Sales for this Dressmaker!

| June 8, 2008

Babette Pinsky, a dressmaker in Oakland, designed a raincoat with pleats in the 1980s and pleated garments have since become her signature style.  Her business has grown so that she now employs 100 people nationwide and produces $8 million in annual sales.  Read more about how Babette got started and grew here business here Related […]