Interview with My Bearded Pigeon from Etsy – Associated Content

| April 26, 2011

Interview with My Bearded Pigeon from Etsy – Associated Content There is lot of searching for vintage maps and then, sewing. Answering emails and packaging orders How do you want your craft and business to evolve? I am not sure. I never really had a business plan. Obviously I would like to reduce my (other) […]

Check out My Java Mama Interview on Mommies Cafe

| December 7, 2009

I am honored to have been asked to do the first video interview on Mommies Cafe, the community site where mommies get together online for a coffee break. The interview goes into detail on how I got started in business and as an author, and includes some advice for other work at home moms.  I […]

Interview with Hannah Stevenson of While They Sleep Designs

| December 3, 2009

Hi I’m Hannah Stevenson from While They Sleep Designs. I am wife to a great guy named Jeff (the handsome man in the green). And I am “Momma” to three little girls all under the age of two: Twin girls Laurel (green skirt) and Maisy (blue skirt, scowl on face) and our newest little one, […]

Interview With Erica Leigh of Sweets & Hearts

| October 20, 2009

Erica Leigh of Sweets & Hearts is up to her ears in ears!  Erica sells hair accessories such as headbands with kitty or mouse ears, as well as costumes and clothing designs, and she recently sold her 100th pair of ears. Erica is a college student studying fashion marketing who lives at home with her […]

Interview With Jill Green of Homemade By Jill

| September 8, 2009

Jill Green of the Homemade By Jill Blog says that she’s been sewing for about three years, and although she is mostly self taught, her mom is a great seamstress so Jill calls on her to help out if she runs into trouble.  A brief stint at Martha Stewart also helped Jill to improve her […]

Interview With Ashley Hackshaw of Lil Blue Boo

| August 14, 2009

Ashley Hackshaw’s mother taught her the basics of sewing when she was around six years old.  Her mom used to make their clothes, bedding, and curtains, and was always taking on big household projects like re-painting the kitchen cabinets.  Ashley has since gone from career woman to stay-at-home mom of Sienna, a precocious 2-year old […]

Interview With Jordynn Lucier of

| July 24, 2009

Jordynn Lucier, or Jordy as she’s known to her many fans, taught herself how to sew about 7 years ago when she took over her mom’s sewing machine.  She’s still using that same Kenmore Ultrastitch12 today to make all the wonderful limited edition handbags and fashion accessories that she sells in her online boutique called […]

Interview with Shelly Leer of Flipt Studio

| July 17, 2009

Shelly Leer provides the “best of home ec and shop class with lots of tools and fabric and no cooking” at her Flipt Studio blog. We were impressed with all the re-styles, re-design, and re-purpose projects that she shares, both through her blog and at under the moniker ModHomeEcTeacher, so we asked Shelly for […]

Interview with Janet Perry of Napa Needlepoint

| July 3, 2009

Janet Perry of Napa Needlepoint started doing needlepoint almost forty years ago.  When Janet was 13 years old she saw a kit in a magazine and fell in love with it.  Her parents took her to the only needlepoint store around and they happened to have the very same kit.  Her grandmother, who was a […]

Interview With Andrew Martin of

| May 1, 2009

We recently talked with Andrew Martin, Marketing Director of, and he shared some valuable insight about current and future trends in fabrics.  Martin says that the entire fabric industry is experiencing a shift toward organic and eco friendly fabrics and that sewing professionals would do well to stay on top of this new direction.  […]