Interview With Jordynn Lucier of

| July 24, 2009

Jordynn Lucier, or Jordy as she’s known to her many fans, taught herself how to sew about 7 years ago when she took over her mom’s sewing machine.  She’s still using that same Kenmore Ultrastitch12 today to make all the wonderful limited edition handbags and fashion accessories that she sells in her online boutique called […]

Idea for Fashionable Clear Handbags Launches Family Business

| March 31, 2009

Judy Clark, an obstetrics nurse in Fort Worth, came up with the idea for fashionable clear handbags while she was at work.  She’d noticed that clear backpacks and tote bags had become very popular as more hospitals, schools and retail establishments began requiring them for security purposes, but the designs she’d been seeing were far […]

Custom Handbag Parties Keep Guests in Stitches

| March 6, 2009

Madison Handbags began as a eureka moment for Trish Rost.  She was looking for a product to market through home parties when she thought about handbags.  Rost made some prototypes from designs she had created then she bought a bunch of different fabrics with the idea of letting the party-goers choose their own fabrics and […]