How To Make Raglan Sleeves

| September 8, 2010

          A raglan sleeve is attached to the garment by a seam that runs diagonally down from the front neckline to the underarm, and up to the back neckline.  This sleeve covers the entire shoulder (A) and needs some shaping device to make it conform to the shoulder’s shape, which is usually done with the […]

Set In Sleeves – Shirt Sleeve Method

| September 1, 2010

          A second way to attach the set in sleeve is the shirt sleeve method, in which the sleeve is sewn into the armhole before the garment side seam and sleeve seams are stitched.  This method is usually used when the sleeves are less rounded and normally don’t have extra fullness at the cap of […]

How To Make Set In Sleeves

| August 25, 2010

          Sometimes the curved edge on the set in sleeve measures more than the armhole circumference, such as with gathers along the shoulder line.  This area will take special attention to get the gathers fitted into the right  area.           Sew a row of “ease stitching” between the notches of the sleeve (A), to prevent […]

How To Sew A Sleeveless Armhole Finish

| August 18, 2010

Sewing a sleeveless armhole finish is not difficult, even for a beginner.  There are a few steps and basic instructions to follow, and you’ll find this a very good project.           Staystitch 1/8” inside the seamline of the garment armhole and the facing to prevent stretching (A).  Sew the seams of the facing as well […]

Working With Garment Sleeves

| August 4, 2010

          Today’s garments are designed with a wide variety of sleeves, which differ greatly in look and in the method of construction.  A garment, for example, may have armholes that are merely finished, producing a sleeveless look, or it may have sleeves, either set-in or raglan, that are separately made and attached to the garment, […]