This 10-Year-Old’s $2 Million Amazon Business Is Leaving Competitors In The Dust

| September 13, 2017

In fourth grade, Henry Burner came up with a terrific idea. His class had a trading-post unit–focusing on “whatever the frontier happened to be at the time we had a frontier,” he says–in which students would use beads to buy goods made by their classmates. Henry’s mother, Darcy, had some hand-operated button-making equipment, the result […]

How To Be Successful – Develop An Entrepreneurial Mind

| June 22, 2016

Developing an entrepreneurial mind is probably one of the greatest keys to success available to all of us.  The entrepreneur within you will determine to a great extent just how successful you and your business will be. Those who treat their home business as if it was “just a hobby” are only fooling themselves.  If […]

Save Money With Free Software & Services For Your Small Business

| April 10, 2009

Taxes & Money Management Quicken Online provides a free web based service for managing your finances, it includes automatic bill reminders, plus you can check your finances on your mobile phone.TurboTax from Intuit will file your 1040EZ or other simple forms for free.  The Internal Revenue Service also has a list of companies that provide […]