How to Sell Crafts on eBay

| April 2, 2012

Many people spend countless hours a day doing crafts for the sheer reason that they love it. Have you ever considered making money from your crafts? It’s very possible—and there are several ways to make a little income from your work.

Win $25,000 in the eBay Sellers Challenge

| July 1, 2009

Online auction site eBay has announced their eBay Sellers Challenge for online merchants with an entrepreneurial spirit.  The challenge is open to anyone who wishes to start or expand an eBay business Four grand prize winners will receive $25,000 business grants – one in each of these categories: Full time eBay sellers who want to grow […]

Add Additional Income To Your Sewing Business – Sell On eBay

| September 22, 2008

From time to time those of us who are in the sewing, alteration, crafting, embroidery or other sewing related business like to check around to see what’s out there that we can make a little extra money from.  After all, who couldn’t use an extra couple hundred dollars a month or even a few hundred […]

Carol Fung – eBay PowerSeller Specializing in Handicraft Items

| July 6, 2008

Carol Fung is an administrative assistant by day and an eBay PowerSeller by night.  While hunting for sewing and handicraft items on the Internet three years ago, Fung realized that there was a shortage of suppliers.  She did some research then started selling small quantities of ribbons, laces and threads on eBay, now she’s making […]