Flowers from fabric remnants

| August 23, 2012

If you’re like most of us in the sewing business field, we tend to accumulate boxes and drawers full of fabric scraps.  A few months ago I made up my mind that those scraps in the boxes and drawers were NOT making me any money, and decided to put my thinking cap on to see […]

Free Sachet Patterns – Don’t Miss This!

| September 5, 2009

I love free patterns, but this one is one of the BEST I’ve seen lately!!!  A corset sachet from FeelingStitchy — now does this bring back memories of the “good old days” – or 1880’s days (before our time)! It’s getting close to Christmas, and I’ll just bet you could make a few of these […]

Make A French Memo Board

| August 23, 2009

With school starting, we’ll all have a difficult time keeping track of all the school events, personal appointments, work schedule, etc, so I think this French Memo Board by Jen Madsen is just the perfect thing.  It’s so pretty that I’m not so sure I’d want to “clutter” it up with notes, grocery lists, to-do […]

Watch Pin Cushion

| May 17, 2009

Amy Adams at LucyKate Crafts blog always has some of the cutest handmade goodies, and sometimes I wonder how she comes up with so many neat ideas!Her current tutorial, posted on May 9 is a watch pincushion.  As I was looking at the pin cushion and the tutorial, my own “Ah ha” moment happened — […]

How To Make 3-D Pompom Poodle Pictures

| April 18, 2009

Fido and Fifi are two of the most engaging personalities you will hope to meet as they smirk at you from their frames.  These poodle pictures are especially nice for childrens’ or teen rooms.  Each poodle is made using six yarn pompoms.To make Fido, cut a piece of cardboard 2″ x 6 1/2″; wind with […]

Have You Ever Made Shrinky Dinks???

| December 28, 2008

I have not seen shrinky dinks for years, and now I found out how to make them from scratch — from #6 recycleable plastic (the kind that restaurant take home food containers are), or sheets of purchased plastic.Materials needed:Clean Plastic, permanent markers, scissors, aluminum foil and oven mitts.  How easy can it get??Wouldn’t this be […]

Clothesline Hot Plate Mat Set

| December 20, 2008

An attractive set of hot plate mats can be easily made with ordinary clothes line that is finished with a fringed edge.  Clothesline is treated heavily with sizing and is subject to much shrinkage.  Soak it well in hot water to relieve all foreign matter and to prevent any shrinkage after the mats are made. […]

Stay At Home Mom Reinvents the Fanny Pack for a Water Bottle

| December 3, 2008

Joey Carlile has been credited with creating “the fanny pack of today.”  Her Orange County, California based company, JoeyJean Inc., makes a new kind of fanny pack that goes around a water bottle and holds your keys, cell phone and other necessities while jogging, walking or working out. Carlile invented her modernized fanny pack to make her […]

Acorns and Leaves

| November 30, 2008

Where we live there are literally thousands of acorns falling off the oak trees!  Somebody told us last year that if there are tons of acorns, it means we’ll have a bad winter, and that the squirrels will be storing them as fast as they can to make it through the long cold winter.  Well, […]

How To Make A Fabric Dollhouse

| October 12, 2008

Oh boy!  Did I ever find a good one for you today!!  A fabric dollhouse that is just as cute as it can be.  And like we mentioned last week, there’s plenty of time to get some of these made up for those little girls on your Christmas gift list!  Our quadruplet grandbabies just turned […]