Repurposing Garments To Sell

| July 29, 2009

For those of us in the sewing and crafting business, anytime we can come up with new and different ideas for things to make and sell is always a bonus.  You never know what you might have hanging in your customer waiting area will be the next big “hit” for your customers.Sometimes finding deals at […]

How Many Sleeve Styles Can You Make From One Basic Sleeve?

| May 23, 2009

OR, can you add a  girly “wing” sleeve to a tank top????  Well, the girly wing sleeve tutorial was just so cute, I had to add it to this post.  Jona at Fabritopia  has written the neatest tutorial about adding a little cap type sleeve (she calls them wings) to a basic tank top “to […]

More Private Label Clothing Lines Predicted For 2009

| December 26, 2008

Apparel retailers would seem to be taking a lesson from grocery stores.  The days of the black and white generic label on a can of vegetables is over and sales of private label goods are on their increase.  Retailers believe they know what their customers want and they are taking it upon themselves to give […]

Easy To Make Pockets

| December 17, 2008

Pockets can easily be added to most of the garments you make, regardless of whether or not the original pattern has pockets, or you can add patch pockets to purses, tote bags, beach bags – whatever you’d like.Many variations, kinds and sizes can be made, once you know the basics of how to make pockets.  Today, […]

Strawberry Farm’s Heavenly Dresses

| October 14, 2008

Katrina Hollon had an epiphany when her second child, a daughter, was born. “My second child was born with peanut allergies which changed my idea of heading back off to work anytime soon,” said Hollon, 38, who was a teacher at the time. So instead of returning to the classroom, she started making children’s clothes […]

Casual Versus Formal

| September 24, 2008

Seamstresses, aka fabric consultants and clothing consultants can really shine during this upcoming Holiday season of parties and get-togethers by helping their customers put together the “right” outfit for the occasion. Despite today’s life style being casual as a general rule, there are still those occasions that are strictly formal or absolutely dressy.  And it is […]

Downsizing Inspires Siblings To Launch Eco-Friendly Clothing Line

| September 5, 2008

When one door closes, as the old optimistic saying goes, another one opens. At least, so one hopes. But sometimes it just doesn’t happen that way. And if another door doesn’t appear on the horizon, you might have to take a page from Christine Marchuska’s notepad and build one yourself. When the economy took a […]