Duluth Company Goes To The Dogs

| January 23, 2009

Louise Russell’s company in Duluth, Minnesota is the largest maker of dog booties in the world.  Russell has seven employees who work with her full time at sewing tables stacked with colorful, yet tough fabrics.  Dogbooties.com has quietly grown over the years and now ships booties to mushers and dog owners in all fifty states […]

26 Ways To Defeat Your Home Business Disappointments

| October 27, 2008

We all have disappointments and setbacks in our businesses.  How we deal with them will actually tell the tale of how our business will survive.  John Fortner, in his article, gives some outstanding things to think about, as well as to put into action regarding our home businesses.Disappointments follow success like fatigue replaces exertion. It […]

Exclusive Ex-Supplier Sues Vera Bradley

| June 28, 2008

Hundreds of local sewers in Fort Wayne, Indiana have been put out of work, at least temporarily, and a lawsuit has been filed against Vera Bradley in response to an announcement that the company would be bringing all sewing in-house and cancelling contracts with outside firms.  The lawsuit describes a now soured long term relationship […]