Elias Howe – Inventor of the Lock-Stitch Sewing Machine

| April 28, 2009

Elias Howe grew up in poverty in Spencer, Massachusetts on his parents’ farm.  Born in 1819, he was sickly as a child and had difficulty performing chores around the farm, but he did them anyway. He later got rich from his invention and patent of the lock-stitch sewing machine, considered one of the great breakthroughs […]

Ebenezer Butterick – An American Inventor

| March 10, 2009

Ebenezer Butterick was born in Sterling, Massachusetts in 1826 and he spent much of his life, up until he was 37 years old, sewing clothes and cutting fabric in his hometown.  Historians say that although he was a competent tailor, he wasn’t earning very much money, until his sewing expertise turned him into an unlikely […]