Sewing With Leather as a Home Business

| April 25, 2017

If you’ve seen all the wonderful craft items, motorcycle and western chaps, and clothing garments made of leather and have been in envy of those who make those things, you now have the opportunity to learn how to make all those things yourself. Denise, my partner and daughter, has recently completed a new book, Sewing […]

Look What We Found!!!

| August 24, 2016

While moving our office, we found some vintage copies of Sarah Doyle’s first book, “Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting”.   “Sarah’s Key To Pattern Drafting” book includes step by step instructions and diagrams for custom making your entire wardrobe – slacks, shorts, skirts, blouses and dresses.  This is our original book with patterns and designs […]

Make A Child’s Wardrobe From Your Old Clothes!

| April 13, 2016

Children like nothing better than to dress up in their parents’ clothes. Now you can put those old clothes that no longer fit you to good use by creating a whole new wardrobe for your child, and save yourself lots of money at the same time! Use the ideas and instructions in this revolutionary book […]

Do You Crochet?

| June 11, 2015

I believe most people, myself included, have additional hobbies or interests other than just sewing.  While all facets of sewing can take up most of our time, somehow we find a little time for baking our famous pies and cakes, gardening, knitting or crochet.   My daughter, an avid sewer, pattern designer and all things […]

New Kindle Version of Sewing Machine Repair Book

| July 6, 2013

We are super excited to announce that the new Kindle version of our best selling Sewing Machine Repair for the Home Sewer book is now available. Now you can grab this helpful book and take it everywhere with you on your reader or smartphone, or even read it on your computer, for just $19.95 – […]

Free eBook Helps Monetize Your Blog

| August 13, 2010

Esther Crawford from and Jennifer James from Mom Bloggers Club got together and created this fabulous ebook called From Blog to Business.  Don’t let the price fool you – this is one valuable tool if you have a blog or are interested in starting one!  These experienced ladies give you all the information you […]

Book Review: Junky Styling, Wardrobe Surgery

| August 11, 2009

Deconstructing, re-styling, and completely transforming old clothes is all the rage right now and this 160-page book, Junky Styling: Wardrobe Surgery is a beautifully designed and illustrated softcover publication that will inspire all who read it to take a new look at their discarded fashions. The authors, Annika Sanders and Kerry Seager, launched a successful […]

Switch Craft: Battery Powered Crafts to Make and Sew by Alison Lewis

| February 10, 2009

Alison Lewis’ first book, “Switch Craft: Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew”, daringly combines technology with fashion and home decor.  The book is brimming with battery operated clothing and accessory projects like an illuminated skirt (see cover), a pillow with a headset for a cell phone, a bag that blares music and a wriggling cat […]

Homemade Halloween: Quick and Easy Costumes, Decorations, and Not-So-Frightening Family Fun

| September 26, 2008

Homemade Halloween: Quick and Easy Costumes, Decorations, and Not-So-Frightening Family Fun  (Fox Chapel Publishing, September 2008) is chock full of creative step-by-step projects for everything your family needs to celebrate October 31st – from super easy-to-make costumes and pumpkin carving patterns to party favors and delightful decorations. In Dandy Disguises, the construction of basic costume […]

Denim Revolution: Dozens of Ways To Turn Denim Cast-Offs Into Fashion Must-Haves

| September 11, 2008

At age 12, Nancy Rosen — now Nancy Minsky — drew on paper and then created out of cotton fabric a prize-winning suit. “(Her instructors) were astonished she did so well,” said her mom, Micki Rosen, 80, of Portland, where Minsky grew up. “If she’d made it out of wool, they said they’d have sent her […]