In Sewing…..Pressing Matters

| June 3, 2015

To achieve the professional look in sewing, it is absolutely essential to press as you sew.  In addition to the iron and ironing board, it is helpful to have pressing cloths and a tailor’s ham. Fiber, texture and thickness of the fabric determines how the fabric is pressed.  Fiber content dictates the temperature of the […]

Quick And Easy Ways To Store Cookies

| November 12, 2008

With the Holiday Season is upon us, we all tend to get a little bit “frazzled” with all the things that have to be done. I have found an excellent article that has already helped me with my Holiday baking and I think you’ll want to not only read the article, but print it and keep […]

26 Ways To Defeat Your Home Business Disappointments

| October 27, 2008

We all have disappointments and setbacks in our businesses.  How we deal with them will actually tell the tale of how our business will survive.  John Fortner, in his article, gives some outstanding things to think about, as well as to put into action regarding our home businesses.Disappointments follow success like fatigue replaces exertion. It […]

How To Choose Good Sewing Machines For Quilting By Wade Robins

| June 26, 2008

Quilting has long been an art with the earliest American women creating beautiful quilts to adorn their homes. However, there is much more to it now than there was then. Today’s quilters can take partake in the massive technological advances sine then to create he most beautiful pieces. Instead of using a needle and thread, […]