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February 2019
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Customer Satisfaction Is Highest Priority

Whatever your business consists of – sewing, crafting, alterations, pattern making, monogramming, sewing with leather – the common thread among them all is satisfied customers.

Satisfied customers equals a growing business, whereas one single dissatisfied customer can turn away more new customers than you can try to get with all the advertising and promotions out there.  It is true that “word of mouth” is what grows a business, but it seems like one disgruntled customer never knows when to stop fussing!

There are a few things to consider when dealing with customer satisfaction. Read on and see how these ideas might work into your business.

** Get customer feed-back.  Listen to what the customers are saying.  Are they “suggesting” that something just doesn’t look right about items you’re making?  Perhaps they’re thinking ahead and asking you to make additional items that they’ve seen someplace else, and would really like to buy such items from you.

** Respond promptly to customer complaints.  Address any customer problems immediately!  For every one that actually comes to you to fix the situation, there are probably others that simply don’t come back.  Let your company be known as the ONE that will listen and solve customer problems immediately.

** Provide the best possible service.  Let your customers know that you will provide the best service (perhaps hems in 2 hours, or whatever works into your business) — then DO what you say you’ll do!  Word will get around very quickly about your prompt service.

** Say “thank you” at every opportunity.  Customers want to know that they’re appreciated, and a genuine “thank you” will make them feel glad that they came to you.  You might want to recognize your long-term faithful customers with a special birthday card, Christmas card with a little coupon in it, or make up your own “customer recognition day” and have coffee and doughnuts set up in the customer waiting area.

** Stay enthusiastic — even if business is down.  A positive attitude will pass on to the customers as they come in and they’ll go away happy that they’ve done business with you.  You might be the only bright spot in their day, so don’t let them down.

Do your best to have 100% customer satisfaction.  Your customers will respond to your dedication of service and that word will get out and you’ll find yourself with new customers just because “somebody” told them how great your business is.

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