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October 2018
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Motivation Equals Momentum

A few posts ago we talked about how to stay motivated, and how easy it is for others, including family members and friends to rob us of our motivation.  Today we want to talk about how staying motivated can be the deciding factor in the momentum of your business.

For starters, make a little sign “Motivation Equals Momentum” and put it in your sewing room, on your refrigerator, on your computer or wherever else you can see it several times a day.

The momentum of your business (how your business is growing) is determined upon your motivation and your “stick to it” attitude.

Over the past years we’ve seen many home businesses fail and fold because the owners liked the “free time” better than working their business, and of course the business failed to grow — it simply withered and died.

On the other hand, we’ve also seen home business entrepreneurs that have had nothing but a string of bad luck and misfortune come upon them – financial difficulties, family issues, health issues – that would have closed most people down, but somehow they gritted their teeth, dug in and worked around the adversities, and have very successful businesses that are still around.

The amount of motivation and determination YOU have will set the stage for the success of your home business. There is another quotation that I have on my wall that you might want to consider putting on your wall as well —- “Faith, Focus and Follow-through = Success!”

Now is the PERFECT time to put that “Motivation Equals Momentum” thought in gear as you get ready to start up for the Holiday Season!!  Do you have some new ideas for patterns or projects or items to sell?  Go to work NOW to get those things going!  Let us all work hard to make this the best Holiday Season ever!

I’m sure many of you have stories about adversity, and how you’ve worked your way through it.  Let us know how you’ve managed to keep the momentum going in your business, in spite of difficulties — we’d love to hear from you.

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