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November 2017
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Finding Your Niche Market by Accident

How can you possibly find a niche market by accident, you ask?

Think about it.  When was the last time you needed or wanted something and couldn’t find it?  I can guarantee that if YOU are looking for something and can’t find it, there are many others looking for a similar item as well!

There is a quote that is definitely worth thinking about:  “Find a need and fill it”.  Looking back over the past few months or the past year, how many times has somebody asked if you know where to find a certain widget, or if it is even available.  Or perhaps you were looking for something special to complete a project you were working on, couldn’t find what you needed, so you “improvised” and then were able to finish the project.  What if you could make and market that item that you “improvised” and be able to make life much easier for hundreds or perhaps even thousands of others.

As a pattern making instructor and pattern designer for over thirty years, I had been designing clothing patterns for full figure and plus size women and hard to fit misses sized women.  After a time I started including clothing patterns for big and tall men which were welcomed by many!

Then came a request from a friend that became a passion for me!  My friends’ granddaughter was VERY overweight – at 10 years of age she had a waist measurement of 32″ and chest of 36″.   There was NOTHING my friend could find in the way of store bought clothing that would fit, plus none of the sewing patterns she tried would fit.  I made a few patterns for my friend, then realized there was a REAL NEED for clothing patterns for overweight, obese and plus size children.

For over a year we collected REAL measurements of overweight boys and girls from our customers – got them all into our database and put together actual measurements of these overweight and obese children.  Using the REAL measurements of these children, I started making clothing patterns, which we called PlusSizeChildren patterns.
Our “accidental” stumbling into this niche market because of my friends’ need for sewing patterns, we now have a big variety of clothing patterns for plus size boys, as well as plus size girls tops and blouses, plus size girls shorts and pants, and plus size girls skirt and dress category.

Again I ask, when was the last time you searched and researched for a particular item to no avail?  Assess your own skills to see if you could fill that particular market with written information, a product that would fill the need, etc.  Perhaps you could work with a friend and do some serious brain storming about the possibilities.  The opportunities are endless!

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