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August 2017
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Don’t Avoid Success By Trying To Avoid Failure

What a strange title for a post you might be saying.  As I’ve learned from previous experiences (my own and those we deal with on a day to day basis) – it is very EASY to talk about what we’ve done in the past that has helped bring our businesses to the point they are today, but have you ever heard somebody tell about those “failures” that they’ve had along the way?

It is very interesting that we all want others to see us as someone who “succeeds”, but not someone who has “tried and failed” with a few ventures.

Look at Thomas Edison – how many times did he “fail” before he actually got a working model of the light bulb.  Or how about Henry Ford or Einstein!!!  So don’t put yourself down because of a few failed attempts to try something new.

The whole issue is this — the only time you “fail” is if you fail to get up to try again!

We’ve had patterns that we worked hard at creating that just didn’t go over so well, and we ended up taking them off the market.  Then there are the patterns that we thought “I’m pretty sure people might like this one”, and ended up selling thousands of the pattern.  You just don’t ever know what there is in YOUR business that just might be the hit of the day / month / year!

When you come up with an idea for a new project, or new direction to add to your business, don’t just dismiss it because you’re not sure that it would work.  Try to work out the details of what would need to be done in order to make it work, then GO FOR IT!  It could be your million dollar idea!  Of course it could also be one of the ideas that doesn’t quite put the dollars in the bank, and if that’s the case, see how your idea could be revamped or redone (think Thomas Edison), and TRY AGAIN!!

We have three fantastic books that could just be perfect for helping your business grow — “501 Tips & Strategies For Home Business Entrepreneurs”, “How To Sell Your Handmade Items”, and “Jumpstart Your Business….Proven Techniques And Strategies”.

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