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March 2017
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How To Stay Motivated

Staying motivated when working out of your house can be a real test for all of us.  Sometimes friends and family members can be the major robber of our business motivation and momentum – the problem is that they probably don’t even realize it.

When I first quit my day job and started writing books and doing sewing / craft items, it seemed like everyone thought I was on a permanent vacation!  It was nothing for friends or neighbors to simply stop by to visit or ask about going shopping, etc.  Or I’d get calls from one of the kids wanting me to babysit their sick child since the child was too sick to go to school but the mother needed to go to work.

It didn’t take long for me to learn the word NO!  Unless friends AND family realize that you are SERIOUS about working from your home, you will continually get comments like “you’re not WORKING – you’re at HOME”.  You have to put your foot down and insist that those well-meaning friends and family understand that the REASON you’re at home is because you have WORK TO DO!

It takes a great deal of motivation and “I WILL do this” attitude to get any home business off the ground and keep it going; therefore you must get the respect you need and deserve for making that happen.

Set a work schedule  – four days a week from this time to this time; school days while the kids are in school; 2 hours per night after the kids go to bed — whatever works for you is what it will take.  However, whatever schedule you set up – STICK TO IT!  Let those friends and family know what your work schedule is, so they won’t be just dropping by, etc.

You, individually, can also be a cause of lack of motivation by letting little non-work habits creep into your schedule.  Don’t read the paper during your scheduled WORK time; don’t decide to do a manicure while you’re “thinking” about the next step in the project you’re working on.

By keeping your mind on your goals (have you set some business goals?) you will be able to see that you are actually moving forward in your business, which will help keep the motivation and momentum going.  What are you working toward?  Extra money for a vacation?  Money for the kids’ education?  Money to help with the bills and keep food on the table?  Make a little list of what the extra dollars are for and keep that list by your sewing machine, near your computer or taped to your work table.  Every time you look at the list of reasons that you’re doing what you’re doing, you will put forth a little more effort, which will cause the momentum to grow and keep your business headed in the right direction.

We have a couple of books that could help you stay focused on your home business – “501 Tips & Strategies For Home Business Entrepreneurs” and  “Jumpstart Your Business With Proven Techniques”.   Check them out today.

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