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April 2016
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5 Tips To Organize Your Fabric Stash / Sewing Room

If you’re like me – can’t pass up super sales on fabric – and over time have drawers, boxes, bags and shelves full of all types of fabrics – there comes a time when all this stash needs to be organized!  Not long ago I did just that – organized my stash!  I started out by getting some clear plastic bins, like the ones pictured, then very methodically did the organizing.

Clear Plastic Containers

I divided up all my fabrics in the following manner:

1. Separated all lengths 1 yard or more

After separating the long lengths, I divided them by colors — greens in one container, blues in one container, reds/pinks in one container, and so on.  This makes it very easy to get to the correct color for your next project.

2.  All fat quarters in one bin.

Fat quarters are usually a variety of colors/shades, and in most cases the items I make from them are very colorful and I don’t stick to just one color or shade.

3. All scraps and less than a yard in one bin.

This is a big one for me, as I use tons of scraps for small projects.  This is also my go-to bin when my grandchildren are wanting to be creative and need some pieces of fabric!

4.  One bin for old outgrown or worn out jeans

This is also a big deal for us – never “throw away” a worn or outgrown pair of jeans!  We love making aprons from jeans, gym bags, jeans purses, and tons of other items.

5. Don’t throw away “used” zippers, buttons and trims.

This requires a smaller box, but if you’re throwing away torn clothing garments, ALWAYS take off the buttons, hooks and eyes, zippers and other trims that can be reused.  Keep these items together in a box.  There have been many times that I’ve found just the right buttons for something I was making, and of course when my grandchildren need buttons for eyes on that little animal they’re making, or lace to decorate a small pillow,  we always head for this box.

Once you get your stash organized, you’ll be ready for whatever project is next in line!








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One Response to “5 Tips To Organize Your Fabric Stash / Sewing Room”

  1. Lisha Vidler says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the tips you provide! Taking your organizing suggestions one step farther, last year I found a great method for taming your fabric stash—folding and wrapping yards of fabric around trimmed-to-fit comic boards! The best part is, you can stack the boards sideways in a bin or drawer, so all of your fabric is visible when you open it. I’ve organized my quilting calicos in this way and every time I open my fabric drawers, it makes me so happy to see everything looking tidy—and organized by color, too! If you’re interested, I wrote a tutorial about how to do this.(

    Thanks again!

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