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November 2015
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Advertising Opportunities and Strategies on the Internet

Today’s consumers are much more informed about new products than ever before.  Whenever a new product “hits the marketplace”, there seems to be a buzz about it throughout the internet.  Whether the product is being talked about in the social networks (Twitter, FaceBook,  etc), or written about in the various blogs, you can be assured that it IS being talked about, whether in a positive or negative manner.

If you are considering introducing a new product, we would highly recommend that you start by searching the internet for blogs or forums related to the type of product that you want to sell.  You can be reading the blogs and forums to see what people are saying about related products.  You might even want to do some posts about what you have that you’re wanting to introduce.  The readers of the blogs and forums will be quick to give you some of their opinions on your topic —- some may want to jump on whatever it is that you’re going to offer, while others may be a little more leary about it.  Get some feedback, answer any questions that they may ask, etc.

By “testing the waters”, so to speak, you might get some great ideas on how to advertise your item so that the advertising itself will answer the questions that have been asked.

When you are ready to do the official launch of your product, be sure to present solid facts about it, give a very positive image of your product, and try to implement some of the opinions that were expressed in your internet research.

If you don’t already have a blog, we would recommend that you do set up your company blog — invite reader comments and make regular posts to it.   Let others in the social networks know about your blog and invite them to check it out.

By using blogs, forums, and the social network systems, you’re basically introducing your product to a large audience with minimal effort and at no charge to you for the advertising.

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