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August 2015
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The TWO Most Popular Home Business Books Are………

After a week of our 50% off All Business Books sale, (use promo code BUSINESS),  there has been a definite trend going.  The top TWO most popular business books, followed closely by a third, are not at all a surprise to us, as these business books have always been super sellers for us.

1.  Sewing Machine Repair As A Home Business —  Sewing machine repair is one of the fastest growing professions in the world today!  More than ever before, a profitable home business is where people are making fortunes.  Job security in America has ended.  Build your own security right in your own home!  The average home business now earns over $50,000 a year, and growing.  You only get one whack at life.  Why not build your own home business that gives YOU freedom, security, prosperity and control of your life?

Sewing magazines, fabric stores, high schools and colleges are encouraging women to do their own sewing, as well as sewing for their children, husbands, boy-friends, etc.  Most of these women find true satisfaction and enjoyment in making the family wardrobes on their own sewing machines!

Sewing machines need to be serviced AT LEAST once per year or more if problems come up in the middle of a sewing project.  Sewing machines in places of business (dry cleaners, hospitals, schools, etc.) need to be cleaned and adjusted QUARTERLY.

“Sewing Machine Repair as a Home Business” gives complete instructions exactly how to repair a sewing machine and continues on through to how to advertise and market your services, gives all the forms and samples needed to get in business quickly.  It is interesting to note that it is just average everyday folks like you and me that are looking for a better way to earn a living, or have a desire to get more out of life, or simply want extra money for a new car, new carpeting in the house, college money for the children, that are getting into the home based businesses and are making fortunes from it!

2.  Profitable Clothing Alteration Business

Do you love sewing? Do you need a little extra money? Or a LOT of extra money? Would you like to stay home with the children instead of working a 9 to 5 job? Would you like to be in control of your own time? Does financial independence sound exciting to you? How about a new car? Would you like to take a “real” vacation this year? Clothing alterations could be your answer!

A lifetime of success can be yours simply by turning your sewing abilities in a profit making direction. Your success is closer than you may think! There are people everywhere in NEED of the service you can provide!

Who would be your customers? Teachers, secretaries, doctors, dentists, friends, neighbors, sales people – nearly EVERYONE in your town would be a potential customer. We’ll show you how to contact them and how to get them to refer you to all of their friends and co-workers. Turning your sewing hobby into a money making business can be done with VERY LITTLE money up front. In fact, we’ll show you how to get started with NO up-front money! We’ve even included a whole NEW section on special services YOU can provide, that no one else in town has even thought of! You’ll be the ONLY one offering these services, and your excited and happy customers will be back on a regular basis, and they’ll be telling their friends about your work!

“How To Start and Operate A Profitable Clothing Alteration Business” is a COMPLETE MANUAL for your part time or full time alterations business.

3.  Sewing For Plus Size Children As A Home Business

Sewing for plus size and overweight children is one of the most needed and practical professions in the world today. Never before have the money making opportunities been so great as in this field. Take a look around you and see how many children there are who aren’t “average” size and wouldn’t be able to wear clothing “off the rack” or fit into a pattern they’ve bought at the store. Look how the clothes fit that they are wearing. Are they tight and popping at the seams; or are they loose and hanging at the shoulders and too long in the sleeves, etc?

Most people, including those who sew, have no idea how to alter store bought patterns to fit the plus size, overweight children properly, and for sure wouldn’t know how to use the child’s own personal measurements to make a clothing pattern that would actually fit them.

This is where YOUR sewing experience comes in! A lifetime of success can be yours simply by directing your sewing abilities into a profit making direction. Your success is closer than you may think!

Sewing for Plus Size Children is a wide open field, with literally no competition. Those who learn how to fit overweight boys and girls will have a never ending supply of potential customers. If you already have a sewing machine you can turn your sewing hobby into an extremely profitable money making business with very little or no up front money!

There are other home business manuals, in addition to the three mentioned above.  Depending on what your interests are and the type of hobbies you do will determine the best fit for you.  Any way you look at it, this is the best time to get started in your own home business — and at 50% OFF, you just can’t get a better deal.  The 50% off sale (using promo code business) is good only through September 8, so why not check it out while you’re thinking about it?  You’ll be glad you did!!

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