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August 2015
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Do You Keep An “Event” Calendar?

An “event” calendar could also be called a “planning” calendar.  Do you keep track of those upcoming craft fairs and bazaars that you want to attend?  You need to know when they are scheduled, in addition to knowing when to submit your application to participate in the event.

After confirming your space in the craft show, you’ll need to be setting some dates and times when you need to be finished with certain products that you’ll want to take to the craft show.  In order to keep yourself from frustrations by waiting until the show is a week away before trying to finish your products, write dates on your calendar of when to be finished with what products.  By the time the show or craft fair is a week away you’ll be finished – no last minute frenzy – and ready to pack up and head out to the show.

If you have a brick and mortar store or do online selling, you also need to schedule your marketing activities.  For example:

** Mark each month for something specific for your marketing tactic — is there a Holiday during the month that you can offer a bonus or discount to buyers?  Is there some local affair that you could tie into your marketing flyers or ads?

** After marking each month for specifics, if you find some gaps, plan some something special like a workshop, a bonus class or a freebie of some sort to keep customers coming back.

** If you’re going to be going to an out-of-town workshop, taking a short vacation, etc be sure to have planned ahead of time who will be checking your mail and emails, who will be doing any shipping for you or running the store.  Last minute jogging of personnel could mean no vacation or having to cancel the workshop you’d been looking forward to attending.

All of the above sounds like a no-brainer, but we’ve seen and heard horror stories about people NOT planning ahead or being organized enough in their business that problems seem to erupt way too often.  You can keep those scheduling problems at a minimum of you keep a detailed “event” or “planning” calendar, so every day you know where you are and what’s coming up.

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