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July 2015
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How Much Fabric Should I Buy???

One question that has been emailed to us literally dozens of times  is “if my pattern calls for 45″ wide fabric and I find 36″ wide fabric that would be perfect, how much should I get”?

We have the answer to all of you who have written in —- download and print the “fabric conversion chart” from  This chart gives fabric widths from 35/36″ to 66″ widths, and tells you if you need x number of yards of 45″ wide material, follow the chart to see how much you’d need of that 36″ wide fabric, or 54″ wide fabric, etc.   I carry this chart in my purse and can’t tell you how many times it has come in handy!  I’ve coated mine with “clear adheer” plastic coating so it won’t get torn or worn, and it has lasted for years.

And while you’re at the site you might want to check out the informational report on “Sew What’s Your Problem” – which deals with a lot of the main sewing machine problems that affect us all.  If you’re like me, I like to keep myself out of the Doctor’s office and my sewing machine out of the repair shop!!

We have a lot of super informational articles in our “Sewing Tips And Tutorials” section, that may just help you with a variety of  sewing issues.  Check out our SewWithSarah website and see what all we have for you.

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