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July 2015
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Write an Informational Report For Your Customers

Now why would you want to give your customers an informational handout when you can simply talk to them when they come in to your shop?

If you deal in wedding dresses, wouldn’t it be nice if you could give each customer a small booklet or leaflet explaining how to take care of the wedding dress, and how they can preserve it.  You can talk to the customer, but they’re probably so excited about the upcoming event that they won’t hear a word your’re saying, and if they DO hear it, they’ll forget what you said by the time they get home.  With the little leaflet you hand out to them, you’ll be helping them more than you can imagine.

If you work with silks or specialty fabrics, a “report” or sheet of paper telling how to wash the fabrics, how to dry them, how to remove stains, etc can really be a life saver for your customers.

It would only take a few minutes of your time to brainstorm and come up with some ideas that would be helpful for your customers, regardless of what field of sewing you’re in.  You can make one or two or even three different handout sheets to give to your customers, depending on what it is that you do for them.

Be sure to put your name, address, phone number and your website address either at the top or bottom of the sheet so they’ll know where they got it, and if they make copies to hand out to their friends, the friends will also know how to find you.

By the way, these informational sheets or reports can be added to your website as content for other readers who visit your site — you never know how much additional business you can get just because you’re making yourself an expert in your field, and the fact that you are willing to help your customers by giving out the helpful hints.

If you’re already doing this, we applaud you, and give you the “thumbs up” for excellent work.  If you’re not already doing these things, think about what YOU would like to receive if you were the customer.

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