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June 2015
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Procrastination…..The Art Of Wasting Time

WOW!  Did I push a “hot” button here????   How much time is actually “wasted” when we procrastinate?  And why do we procrastinate, anyway?

For many folks – me included – it’s just hard to get started on certain projects.  My focus isn’t just “right” or perhaps there’s the “dread” of starting something that appears to be difficult or a little out of the ordinary.  Here’s what I do …….  I’ll walk around, get a couple cups of water, maybe round up some clothes for the washer, maybe even pick up a few of the grandchildrens’ toys, check out the window to see if perhaps UPS has brought anything to the door and didn’t ring the doorbell.  Want to take a guess at how much time I’ve already “wasted” by doing my “procrastination dance”?  Don’t just sit there and smile – I know you’ve done it too!!  The “dance” may be a little different, but it’s still the procrastination that’s keeping us from moving forward.

Here’s what we’re gonna have to do —- how about if we work together on this!!


Sometimes the hardest part of a job (whether it’s cutting out an outfit to sew for somebody or tackle a stack or alterations or simply sit down to write an article to post on your website) is getting started.  I’ve found that if I get the fabric and pattern on the table, it seems to be easier to go from there.  Or, when I’m trying to get stuff together to work on a new pattern making class, just opening a new page in my word program and throw a title on the page is all it takes to get the ball rolling.  Do something, anything — just get the project started.


We all have numerous items on our “to do” lists, so I’ve found if I tackle the major one first, it just feels soooooo good to get it done and marked off.  Otherwise, I can spend all day doing the small tasks, and at the end of the day I’m right where I was at the beginning of the day — procrastinating on that big / difficult job.


Get yourself organized and ready to start that major project.  Be sure you have all the necessary items so you won’t be stuck half way through and have to make a trip to the store to purchase something in order to get it finished.  Once you’ve made sure you have everything you need, simply begin —- lay out the pattern on the fabric,  get the outline ready for the article you need to write — whatever the project is, you’re started now, so calmly get to work.


Hey! I’ll go along with this!!!  After I’ve worked my way through a huge project or two, I feel like I’m ENTITLED to a reward!  And you should be too.  A friend of mine likes to “reward” herself by taking an afternoon off and going to a movie.  I’m not really a “movie” person, and don’t feel like I want to take that much time, however I certainly don’t mind taking a break and catching up on some reading or doing a little surfing of the net to see what I can find.  Think about your reward, and work for it.  You’ll be glad you did!

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