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June 2015
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Buttonholes For Profit

With the economy as it is, many people are now wanting to learn how to sew in order to cut expenses, as well as wanting to learn how to do alterations so they can “keep” their current wardrobe as long as possible.

As an experienced seamstress, there can be a lot of profit for YOU because of the growing trend of increasing numbers of home sewers.

Those who are “learning” how to sew would gladly come to those of us who already know how to sew for instruction.  You can easily hold sewing classes in your home or in a community center for those who want to learn, and earn extra cash for yourself.

The next idea is this — those individuals who are learning how to sew will NOT be an expert in making buttonholes.  In fact they may try their best to stay away from any type of garment that takes buttons (or even zippers).  YOU could make the buttonholes for those “new” sewers and they would be able to finish the rest of the garment.

Take a picture of several types of buttonholes and make a flyer describing them, and what you would charge for making them, then put the flyers up at local fabric stores, at the post office, laundramat, and other places that allow flyers to be placed on their walls.   Let your friends know what you’re doing – maybe even get a few inexpensive business cards made to pass out.

Buttonholes are the most intimidating part of sewing, and I know for a fact that when I  talk to people, they all say that when they were just learning how to sew they would GLADLY have paid someone to just do the buttonholes!

As we’ve mentioned before, the possibility of increasing business for your shop is there, we just all have to think a little bit in order to come up with those ideas of HOW to increase the business.

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