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June 2015
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How To Sell Your Knowledge To Others

I’m sure most everyone has something special that they make, or do, that gets compliments from all who see them. You might make the prettiest, one-of-a-kind baby quilts, or because of the shortcuts you use while sewing, you can make clothing garments faster than anybody else!

I can see the smiles already — you’re thinking about the compliments or rave reviews that you received just last week!

Now let’s take this one step further!  Those people that are complimenting you and saying “I wish I knew how to do that” are SERIOUS – they actually DO wish they could do what you do best.  And if your customers and friends would like to know how you do certain things, think about the thousands and millions of people around the globe that would probably also like to be able to do what you do best.

Have you ever considered writing down your information into a small booklet or article that could be placed on your website and PURCHASED by others around the world? was started because of what I’ve just been telling you.  Wherever we moved while in the military, people found out that I’d taken pattern making classes, and they wanted me to teach them how to make patterns.  So I would hold classes on the base for those who wanted to attend, but it never failed — word was really spreading about my classes when we’d be ready to transfer to another base — so the women would beg me to send them information, so they could make their patterns rather than buying the patterns that they couldn’t get to fit right, etc.  There you go — what better way to teach the pattern making than through downloadable classes.  I always gathered all email address and mailing addresses as we were ready to transfer so I could have a way to get hold of them once we got settled at the new base.  Now, that isn’t necessary because the information is online, not only for those individuals, but also for anyone in this country and overseas that would like to try their hand at pattern making.

YOU could be doing the same thing with the things that you do best!  Put together a booklet, a class or an article to place on your website or in your blog and you could add some extra income to what you already do.

If you’re apprehensive about doing the writing, and really don’t know where to start, I would highly recommend you look at “How To Write Ebooks That Sell” — this is the most helpful site and ebook I’ve seen and it will give you the direction you need to get YOUR information out to the public.  One good thing about putting your information together in a book or class or downloadable pattern, etc is that you only have to do it ONCE, and it will stay online for everyone in the world to see and perhaps purchase.  You don’t even have to be awake to make the sale — if it’s on your website or blog, or a Kindle book set up at Amazon,  it’s there 24-7 for others to see.

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