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April 2015
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Increase Sales – Sew For Big Husky Men

From time to time we try to give updates and information on how to increase your sewing business.  Expanding the sewing and craft business is necessary in order to “increase the bottom line”.

How much sewing do you do for men?  If anybody answered that they actually DO sew for men, how difficult is it to get the patterns adjusted for those “not so average” sized men? I’ve been there and done that!  Even if you have a nearly average man, there may be extra broad shoulders, longer than average arm, and other not so average challenges to deal with.  Then we move on to the big, tall and husky men!  These men may be tall, BUT there also are short, stocky and the type whose chest has fallen and now has “dunlopped over the belt” (that’s my brother’s story, and he’s sticking to it!).  In other words, the big bellies!

We do now have available a pattern making class for big husky men that we believe could help dramatically increase your sales for the  year!  After reviewing and learning the steps to make patterns according to the individual measurements of those super hard to fit men, you will certainly have the corner on the market in that area.

Look around the next time you’re out and about and see how many men fit into the husky, overweight and super hard to fit category.  These are all potential customers.  It would not be difficult to bring in dozens of new customers — just get the first customer, make some clothing garments for him and soon the whole town will know about your sewing skills!

Even those men who appear to be “average” have fitting issues with broad shoulders, long torsos or other fitting issues.   You can make patterns easily to fit those men also by checking out our  pattern making class for “nearly average” men.

Start now and see how quickly you can raise your bottom line by venturing into new areas of sewing!

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