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February 2015
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How To Make Fringe

Fringe can be put on just about anything, from home decor items such as pillows and table coverings to clothing garment items like head scarves, jean jackets, sweaters and more.  Oh, I know you can buy some types of “fringe” by the yard, but it doesn’t come in every color under the sun, and most importantly, it wouldn’t be “hand made” by you.

Fringe is not hard at all to make — granted it is a little bit time consuming, but just like other things that take time, it will be well worth the extra time spent!  Give it a try today!













Cut 6 or 8 strands of thread or yarn (length depending on the article to which the fringe is added).  Double the strands to form a loop (Fig. 1).  Insert a crochet hook through the stitch at the edge of the article (Fig. 2), pushing the crochet hook through the back to the front of the garment, and draw the loop through (Fig. 3).  Pull the loose ends through the loop as shown (Fig. 4), then pull the ends down tight to make a knot (Fig. 5).  Repeat this process all around the article, making the fringe 1/8″, 1/4″ or 1/2″ distance apart, depending on whether you’re using thread or yarn, and how close together you choose to make the fringe threads.  Trim tne ends evenly.








Cut 6 strands of thread or yarn the desired length and make a row of plain fringe, following the instructions given previously for plain fringe.  This is the base row for the double knotted fringe.

Next pick up 6 strands of the first fringe and 6 strands of the second fringe and make a knot (fig. 6), 3/4″ to 1″ down and in the center between the two previous knots.  Pick up the remaining 6 strands of the second fringe and the first 6 strands of the next fringe and make another knot.  Continue in this manner all around the article.  Trim the lower fringe evenly.










Cut 8 strands of thread or yarn about 16 inches long and make a row of plain fringe, according to the instructions given for plain fringe.  This is the base row for the triple knot fringe.

Now make a row of double knot fringe following the instructions given above for double knot fringe.

Next work another row of knots by taking half of the first group of fringe and half of the next group of fringe and knot together about 3/4″ from the second row of knots (Fig. 7), keeping the knots centered with the ones above, as shown in the diagram.  Continue all around the article.  Trim the fringe evenly at the bottom.

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