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October 2014
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Easy Ways To Change Your Blouse/Dress Pattern

If you’re like the majority of us, buying a pattern is the easy part.  Getting that pattern to FIT properly is the hard part.  The “problem areas” can be as different as night and day, but whether the hips are too tight if the top fits, the shoulders are too wide if the bust area fits, or “there’s no way I can get this waist to fit” – the bottom line is that it can take considerable time to get that new pattern to fit properly.  Once all the kinks are worked out and we can do the “happy dance” because the pattern FINALLY FITS – the next issue pops up.  The first dress looks great, but who wants every dress from this day forward to be the same style?


INTRODUCING – pattern makeovers!  That perfectly fitting basic blouse or dress pattern can now be changed into dozens and dozens of new styles simply by making different sleeve styles, different necklines or changing the darts in the pattern.  The pattern make-over classes give complete instructions on how to make TEN different sleeve styles from 1 basic sleeve, how to make EIGHT different neckline styles from 1 basic neckline, a complete instruction kit for making and changing the darts in the pattern to different locations, or add a dart or take a dart out of the pattern.  The pattern makeover classes are available in average sizes and full figure/plus sizes.

Now for the great news!!  The complete course for neckline make-overs and sleeve make-overs costs $9.95. The how to alter darts and Converting Maternity Patterns cost $14.95.  You can get a whopping 40% discount on each of the 4 complete courses now through October 31 by using the code MAKEOVER.  The sleeve and neckline changing classes will be $5.97 and the altering darts and converting maternity patterns classes will be $8.97 through midnight October 31.

Buy one or several of the classes and you can use that one perfectly fitting blouse/dress pattern and make literally DOZENS of new styles!


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