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September 2014
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How To Establish Yourself As An Expert

We all know a little about a lot of things, and I would venture to say that we all know a lot about a few things.  It is those “few things” that we could learn even more about and truly become an “expert”.

There are almost unlimited opportunities awaiting anyone who desires to become an expert in his or her sewing field.  It just takes some preparation, a bit of imagination and effort to get started.  It is so easy to become an “expert”, one would wonder why people would want to know “just a little” about a subject they’re interested in and trying to earn a living from.  The following steps can get you started.

1.  Realize that what you already know is valuable to others.  Many times we believe that if we know something, everybody else must already know it.  What you know in your field of crafting, sewing, pattern making, alterations, etc may be second nature to you, but others that are wanting to learn find those things hard to figure out.  Sometimes it’s the minor things that we know that others would never think about.

2.  Research your topic to find more information in order to broaden your knowledge.  Do some research on the internet or go to your public library’s reference section and get all the information you can on your desired subject.

3.  Generate visibility and publicity.  Volunteer your services to groups in your community.  If your expertise is in the area of crafts, for example, you could volunteer to be a guest speaker at various club meetings, presenting general information, or by giving instructions on how to make a certain item.  By becoming known in your own community and later branching out into other areas, your name and face will become known, which will bring additional opportunities for you, as well as an increasing amount of profit for your home business.

4.  Share your knowledge with others.  All the information in the world is of no value if not shared with other people.  Be generous with what you know.  Realize that by investing your time and talents now, you will reap the financial rewards and recognition later.  Fall in love with your subject and share your passion.

5.  Write a pamphlet, tip sheet or booklet about your subject.  Take a piece of paper and make a list of important thoughts and ideas relevant to your subject.  Don’t worry about sentences right now; just phrases and thoughts.  After writing all the important points, lay the list to one side for a day or so, then come back to it and add any additional thoughts you may have.

The next step is to organize those thoughts and ideas into categories.  You may have a category “supplies needed”, “getting started”, etc.  Arrange your categories into a “how to” sequence starting from the very beginning to a closing where the whole thing is complete.  You’ll find that all the words, phrases and thoughts you’d listed will just about do the “writing” of the pamphlet or booklet.  All that’s necessary now is to make complete sentences and paragraphs from the ideas and thoughts you’d previously written and presto! your pamphlet is written.

You can use the pamphlet or booklet as a handout to increase public awareness about your business, or you may want to consider putting the booklet on the market to sell.  You could also put the article (pamphlet) onto a website, if you have one, as “free content” for those who visit your site.  If you have enough ideas and thoughts that you could come up with two or three different articles to add to the free content on your website, you will see visitors coming back to see what is new on the site.  It is a definite fact that whatever area you’ve become an expert in, is an area where other people are looking for information.

Success in your area of expertise is yours for the taking.  Begin today to “establish yourself as an expert” in your field.

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