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November 2013
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Sewing For Men and Boys In Your Life

When was the last time you tried to sew for your husband, teen age son or a boyfriend and simply threw up your hands and said “forget it!”  Those broad shoulders or extra long muscular arms can be a nightmare. Or, is the problem similar to what my brother calls the “Dunlop disease”.  He says his chest has fallen and now has “dunlopped over his belt” (aka a big belly).  Ok, Bill, for you and all others like you, we are very happy to say we have a pattern making class for men that will allow you to have patterns and clothing garments that will fit these, and any other problem areas.

At our Sew With Sarah website, we have classes on pattern making for average size men, big and tall men, pattern making for plus size boys and pattern making for skinny boys – that will help you with the problems listed above.  By taking the personal measurements for the man/boy you’re sewing for, you can have perfectly fitting clothes every time, because the patterns/garments will be made to THEIR measurements.

Check out Patterns That Fit You to find some ready made patterns for big/tall/large men.  These are night shirts/pants/pajamas that are uni-sex and can be used for women as well as men.  We’ve had many customers who have taken these patterns and made baseball style shirts and jogging pants for themselves and their husbands, so don’t consider the patterns just for nightwear.

And, lastly, don’t forget to visit our Plus Size Children site to find classes on making patterns for those hard to fit boys (and girls), as well as a complete section on ready made patterns designed for hard to fit plus size boys and girls.

Sewing is FUN and can be very rewarding when you have the tools needed to get a perfect fit for every person in your family.

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