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August 2013
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Sewing For Plus Size Children

As we get ready for the fall season and school to begin, we once again get many emails asking for information on how to sew good fitting clothing for plus size children.  Shopping for clothes for plus size children is very hard considering the fact that so few clothing stores carry clothing that will fit these children.  Pattern companies are not much better, since their patterns will only fit large size children of the same age – for example patterns for size 14 or the plus size 14 — but what happens if you  have a daughter that is only 8 years old that has the measurements of a 14 year old.  Those patterns will never fit the younger child because the younger person won’t be as tall as a regular 14 year old, nor will the arms be the length of an actual 14 year old.

At Plus Size we carry patterns that are made using actual measurements of those plus size children – boys and girls – that are 8 years old, 10 years old, etc.  As a sample of what we have, you can check out the shorts/pants for plus size girls, or perhaps the blouses and tops that are available.  Browse through all the categories and see what all is available.

If you have patterns already in your sewing room, but they just won’t fit the plus sizes, you probably would like to check out the book “Altering Store Bought Patterns For Plus Size Children” – this book gives information on how to alter the chest, waist/abdomen, hips, etc for the plus sizes.

School starts here the 19th of August, so we’re either at the fabric store or at the sewing machine!  I just love it when we can let the kids help pick fabrics, and they’re at the age now that they like to help pin the pieces, then take the pins out when finished with the sewing.  By helping make the garments, they’re so proud to wear the clothes and show them off.

Happy Sewing!

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