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November 2012
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6 Jewelry Photography DOs and DONT’s

Jewelry PhotographyAre you considering primarily selling your handmade jewelry online? If your answer is yes, one thing you must learn and understand is photography. You don’t need to be a professional photographer, and you most definitely don’t need top-of-the-line equipment. However, you do need to know the basics. Here are some jewelry photography dos and don’ts to keep in mind:

1) Do take photographs in good lighting.

Lighting plays a tremendous role in photography. When possible, avoid taking photos under shadows and direct sunlight. Natural, filtered light is always a good option, such as sunlight passing through a window. If you can afford to do so, purchase a proper light box (or create one!) that uses daylight bulbs so that your photographs can appear more professional.

2) Don’t overdo things.

Keep your photographs simple. If you’re using props, make sure it relates to your product. Take a good look at your background and ensure that it doesn’t take the spotlight away from your jewelry.

3) Do use your camera’s macro setting.

When customers shop for jewelry online, they want to be able to see every single detail since they can’t see touch it or even turn it over. With jewelry photography, the macro setting on your camera is your friend. This option allows you to take crisp, close-up shots.

4) Don’t use your first photo.

Don’t settle for the first (or even second) photo you take of your products. Take your time and experiment with different angles, backgrounds and lighting. It pays to have more options later on!

5) Do stick to a look that works.

If you want to keep things clean and professional, then it’s best to stick to just one look and style when taking photographs of your jewelry. Experiment to your heart’s content—but once you figure out a look that best complements your products, then stick to it.

6) Don’t upload your photos without editing them.

Always make it a point to edit your photos before uploading them online. Crop your photos, resize them, and tweak anything that may need tweaking. There are so many programs out there that make editing photos really simple!

You’ve already created beautiful jewelry—now do your labor of love some justice and take good photographs of your pieces for all to see!

Photo Credit: iClipart

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