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November 2012
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Know Your Trims

If you are going to make gifts for the Holiday season, or help the kids make Christmas decorations, it is a good idea to become acquainted with the wide selection of trims and laces available at your favorite sewing supply store.  Regardless of what you’d like to make, there are probably several suitable trims for the item.

The many varieties of lace offer delightful openwork designs.  There are the fine woven laces, plus the heavier crochet types from which to choose.  Whether flat, ruffled or narrow edging, lace adds beautiful detail to all types of clothing.

Venice type laces have a raised texture.  A multitude of Schiffli stitches are massed together into floral design motifs.  Charming edgings, decorative bands and clip-apart flowers allow Venice laces to fit into many fashion categories and are suitable for all age groups.

Fringes are of special interest because they fall free, have swingy action and add exciting texture to all kinds of funwear and western wear.  They are excellent for home decor items too.

Fancy ruffles are feminine, soft and add a pretty touch on almost anything.  Some are even pleated and come in a selection of widths.

Accent trims add spark and individuality.  Fold-over braid is usually of basket weave texture.  Narrow tubular cords or yarns woven in various designs such as loops, scrolls, or other textured designs add interesting detail to skirts, jackets or blazers.  Ribbon-like bands of tape woven with colorful floral or geometric designs make a nice border or top trim.  A frog closure comes in cotton, rayon or metallic cord.  It is looped in groups at each side of a self-cord knotted button.  Use as a decorative closure or fastener.

Eyelet embroidery comes in fine dacron polyester and cotton blends with a scallop edge.  It is available in various widths as well as in insertion widths that could be used for extending the length of a child’s skirt or pants that have gotten a little too short.

Next time you’re in a fabric store, take a few minutes to look through all the trims and laces that are available.  Think about some of your upcoming projects, and I’m sure you’ll find a few of the trims that would be perfect for the project.

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