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October 2012
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6 Ways to Improve Your Product Photography

PhotographerDo you have a hard time taking photos that properly represent your products online? If you struggle to take good photos, you may be doing your products (and yourself) a huge disservice. Here are some ways you can improve your product photography (and your sales!):

1) Invest in a good quality camera.

If you are serious about selling your products online, you should be able to invest in a proper camera. There’s no need to buy an overly expensive, top-of-the-line model, but at least spend your money on a decent digital camera with settings and features that can help you take the best possible photos.

2) Learn how to use your camera.

You may have a great camera, but do you know how to use it? Although the camera’s auto setting may be great, it may not always be the best option. Learn how to use these settings! Experiment, take a class or workshop, or read online tutorials.

3) Embrace natural light.

Proper lighting is an important element in a good photograph. When possible, grab your equipment and products and head outside to shoot your product photos. Take note that direct sunlight may not be the best choice, as it will increase the harsh lines and shadow effects on your product. Indirect light, on the other hand, will definitely give you great shots.

4) Use solid-colored backgrounds.

White is the most popular background color when it comes to product photos, and with good reason. You want your customers to focus on the product, and not what’s surrounding it. If a white background isn’t available, then use any other solid color.

5) Play with angles.

Avoid shooting directly down on your product. Instead, take a variety of pictures in all kinds of angles. Shooting your products from various points of view will make them look more appealing and interesting. Be careful to avoid angles that may cause the product to appear distorted due to perspective, however, such as clothing shot at strange angles.

Many websites allow users to post several shots per listing. Take advantage of these slots by posting at least one full-sized photo of your item and a number of close-up shots, as well.

6)Don’t be afraid to use props.

Many times, sellers opt to use props in their product photos. Be creative! Props, when used properly, can add a professional touch. Of course, be sure that your choice of props are not overwhelming and steal the scene completely.

Photo Credit: iClipart

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