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October 2012
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7 Ways to Create An Unforgettable Customer Service Experience

Customer Service

Everyone knows what it’s like to be a customer. At times, you are treated horribly. Other times, however, you are treated like a king. No matter what business you may be in, you should always aim for customer satisfaction at the end of the day. Here are some ways to create a customer service experience your clients will never forget:

1) Always greet your customers.

Always make it a point to make your customers feel welcome by greeting them. When possible, do so by name. Everyone loves to feel recognized and remembered.

2) Create a warm environment.

Whether you’re selling online, at a craft fair, or in an actual store, always create an environment that is warm and inviting. Make your space comfortable, encourage browsing, and let your customers know you’re there if they need anything.

3) Communicate.

When it comes to customer service, you should always remember to communicate with your customers often, and to communicate with them quickly. Don’t allow your customers to go days without hearing back from you or they will feel neglected and unimportant. Respond as quickly as you can, and regularly keep them up to date on your transaction.

4) Admit your mistakes.

Did you give someone the wrong amount of change? Did you ship the wrong item? Admit your mistake and apologize sincerely. Don’t stop there! Make it up to the customer, too. Give him or her store credit or a small freebie to make up for any inconvenience you may have caused.

5) Value customer loyalty.

Don’t let customer loyalty go unnoticed. Offer free shipping or throw in a customer discount for your repeat customers. All business owners should recognize that customer loyalty is worth a whole lot more than a single sale!

6) Go the extra mile.

Pay close attention to what the customer wants. If a customer wants a necklace to be shorter, make it shorter. If a customer wants an item to be a different shade of blue, create one in the desired shade of blue. Go the extra mile and your customers will definitely appreciate it.

7) Let your customers know you value them.

You’ve already done so well—don’t stop now. Send your customers a short note thanking them for their business, and maybe include a discount voucher for their next purchase. Send them handwritten cards on their birthdays or during the holidays, or even just a quick personalized confirmation email for online registration or orders.

Whether you work for a business or own a business, it is important that you pay close attention to the quality of customer service that you provide. Follow the seven tips mentioned above and you’ll definitely be providing your customers with an experience that they’ll never forget.

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