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October 2012
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7 Tips for Selling at a Craft Fair

Craft Fair Hat Booth

Although it can be very enjoyable to spend an afternoon milling about at a craft fair, being a vendor at such event requires a lot more work than you might think since you have to both setup and take down your booth in a short period of time, and you have lots of advance preparation that must be done. If you’re serious about getting ready for selling at a craft fair, here are some tips you should remember:

1) Display, display, display.

Don’t use up all your creative juices on creating your products. Save some of that imagination and inspiration for your booth display. You want to do your best to draw attention and stand out—especially if you’re selling something that may have a lot of competition at the craft fair.

2) Market!

You don’t have to be a business school graduate to know that marketing is key in any business. How will someone find you later on if they don’t know your business name or where they can reach you? Business cards, flyers and even catalogs are great ways to get people to remember you.

3) Identify yourself.

Make sure that all of your products are clearly labeled with your store name and your contact information. This way, you can be sure that both the buyer and/or the recipient will be able to find you again later on to purchase more of your product. Punch a hole in your tag, tie it to your product with a ribbon and you’re ready to go.

4) Be prepared.

Bring along a box of supplies you may need in case of emergencies like string, scissors or glue. It’s always best to be prepared for the worst. The craft tools, extension cords and other supplies you bring may just come in handy.

5) Interact with your customers.

No matter how shy you may be, do your best to interact with your customers. Shoppers at craft fairs love to meet the artists, so put on that smile and make contact with everyone who comes to your booth.

6) Network.

Craft fairs are a great way to meet people with the same passion for all things creative. Collect business cards from both fair participants and attendees and if time permits, send out a friendly email to your newfound friends a few days after the fair. You’ll probably see them again in future shows!

7) Plan the future.

A great way to create a customer database is by setting up an attractive guest book at your booth and invite shoppers to leave their names, contact information and comments on your work. You can email your customers to thank them for dropping by your booth, or send them a message to let them know when your next show is. You can also opt to attach a discount coupon to your newsletter so you can track how effective your promotion method was.

Photo Credit: BitchBuzz

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