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September 2012
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The Votes Are In…… And I’m AMAZED!

A few weeks ago we ran a post asking the question,  “Who do you sew more for…… plus size/full figure women or overweight/obese children”?  We have gotten a TON of emails from people answering that question and reasons WHY they do what they do.

By far the MAJORITY of people responding say they sew for full figure/plus size women.  Many of the reasons were basically the same – “I am a full figure woman, can’t find anything that fits properly, so I pretty much sew for myself, and help out a friend or two as well”.  The book/class preferred by these women with the “I sew for myself” answer is the “Sewing For Full Figure/Plus Size Women as a Home Business” because that manual contains ALL of the classes plus additional information at a reduced price than if they were to purchase “some” of the classes now, and some more later.  In reality, the idea of having all the information in one manual is more beneficial than many separate classes that they may “lose”.  I would never have thought about that answer, as I figured the “business” manual would primarily for those in a sewing business – amazing!  We did have some responders who are indeed in a sewing business, and because they themselves are in the plus size category, they prefer to sew for the same type of women, as opposed to working with overweight children.

On the other hand, those who preferred the “Sewing For Plus Size Children as a Home Business” are ones like I would have been a few years ago – had grandchildren who were very much overweight and had some friends who also had grandchildren in the overweight/obese size ranges.  These people also purchased the business manual because it contained ALL the size ranges for overweight boys/girls so the information they needed was in one manual regardless of whether the overweight child was 6 years old, 10 years old, boy or girl – everything was at their fingertips.  In addition, the business manual contained the information about how to alter store bought patterns for plus size children – so they figured they were all set regardless of who they were sewing for, what ages they were sewing for, or if they were making the patterns or starting with a store bought pattern and altering it.

Regardless of whether you’re in a sewing business or sewing for just a few people, I’m sure one of the above books will help you in getting the perfect for that full figure woman or for those overweight children.

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One Response to “The Votes Are In…… And I’m AMAZED!”

  1. Cheryl says:

    HI 🙂 I must comment on the PLUS SIZE women, men and children. I am an alteration EXPERT. I also do CUSTOM sewing. I live in Southeastern Ohio. My HOURLY RATE is $26 per HOUR. 90% of my customers have ZERO problems with my rates 🙂 The remaining 10% I ‘weed-out’ via phone contact. They want CUSTOM sewing or alterations for $5.00 (or LESS) per hour. That is a NEGATIVE for me…Sorry 🙁 It is NOT my fault if you,your child or your husband is ‘heavy’ and cannot find clothing that fits. I will GLADLY help you with your fitting concerns. I have worked with MANY plus-sized people. I understand your fitting issues. NO, I CANNOT work for you for ZERO INCOME. I am a BUSINESS. IF I cannot operate with a PROFIT then I must close my business. This is at the top of my mind right now because I altered a size 30 wedding gown into about a size 48-50. I am VERY proud of that work and I gave her a HUGE discount on labor as my ‘inner charitable contribution’. I REALLY wanted her to feel like she was PRETTY on her wedding day 🙂 I simply…CANNOT…AFFORD to donate my labor like that EVERY week…. This is what I do to earn a living and I LOVE IT 🙂 My customers are GREAT 🙂 I have just noticed that my ‘larger’ bridesmaids and brides who NEED MAJOR adjustments are NOT happy with THEIR BODIES. This is NOT their seamstresses’ fault. THANK you for listening to a seamstress rant 🙂

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