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August 2012
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Do You Sew Mostly For Plus Size Women or Plus Size Children?

There are many articles regarding the statistics concerning overweight/obese children, as well as the numbers of full figure/plus size women (adults actually – not just women). We’re wondering if you who are in a sewing / alteration business actually do MORE sewing for the overweight children category or plus size women.

While I would venture to say that regardless of which category you go with, there are enough potential clients to keep you busy. As you spread the word about your business, you will see a steady increase in customers. Flyers in a fabric store, small classified ad in your local newspaper or mini flyers in every “local” bill you pay (local gas bill, water bill, power bill, etc), will certainly increase your customers as well.

In the near future we will be doing some tutorial type posts for working with these two categories of customers, and we just want to get a feel of who you all are sewing for, so we can concentrate on what the majority of our readers need.

We have three websites you can look at to see the types of information we have available already to help make it easier to sew for those truly hard to fit individuals. These sites are, (for big/tall men and full figure/plus size women),, (for men, women and children) and (for overweight/obese children).

You can see our tutorial post about making a custom skirt for plus size girls using their own personal measurements: — and we’re planning to add more of the tutorial type posts to help answer your questions about sewing for overweight and plus size people.

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