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June 2012
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7 Reasons Why You Should Join the Local Chamber of Commerce

Have you ever considered joining your local Chamber of Commerce? You may not realize it, but your local Chamber is a wonderful way to network and further build up your small business.

Above all, the Chamber of Commerce is a partnership of professionals and business owners—all working together in order to further the interests of businesses and build a better community through trust, expertise, collaboration and long-term relationships. Local Chambers work on a local level to develop strong local networks among the business community.

Here are some reasons you should network through your local Chamber of Commerce:

1) The Chamber of Commerce is not only for mid-sized and large companies, but for small businesses that wish to flourish quickly, as well.

2) The local Chamber of Commerce is made up of a large number of individuals from various industries, providing you with an opportunity to tap into new and unsolicited markets.

3) Your local Chamber may bring you the opportunity to attend events along with other small businesses. You may be able to set up a booth to promote your services or products, or simply exchange business cards with visitors and other business owners.

4) As a member of your local Chamber, you qualify for low-cost business and health insurance!

5) You will be given access to the office of the small business consultant. Here, you can seek the guidance of mentors whom are willing and able to help you develop sound business strategies. Over time, you may become a mentor as well.

6) You will meet excellent and reliable sources for various services and products that could improve your business performance. Examples of such are computer support, printing, accounting and the like. You may also meet retailers who could be interested in promoting your offers and carrying your products.

7) Most Chambers of Commerce are involved in civic and economic improvement. Small businesses in a local Chamber often benefit from having their names associated with supporting various commerce activities and community improvements.

Most Chambers offer their members a variety of networking events, business directories, training workshops and even business awards. Join your local Chamber of Commerce and use your membership to its full potential. Remember: The success of your business is up to you!


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