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December 2011
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Made In America!!

I’m sure that many of our readers listen to the ABC Nightly News With Diane Sawyer and find it very interesting.  Actually, that’s usually the only time of day I can sit down long enough to catch up on the news — while eating supper!

Last night, Wednesday 11/30, she had a very informative segment on “Made In America” — and how there is a very big PUSH now on folks buying American made items for Christmas gifts.  She made a comment that if EVERY family would just buy $64 worth of “Made In America” products for Christmas gifts, that alone would help put thousands of people back to work.  They showed a variety of “made in America” businesses – from hot sauce, to toys and games, to clothing items – indicating that if MORE Americans would buy American made products, how much benefit there would be to our economy!

Do YOU have signs that you can hang on your craft fair/bazaar booth that proudly state that your items are MADE IN AMERICA?  Put some signs in your customer waiting area indicating that you’re all about the “made in America” push!

All of our items that we sell, from coupon clutches, to Plus Size childrens patterns, to Full Figure men/women’s books and patterns,  to Sewing Machine Repair books are ALL made right HERE in America!!  Check your Christmas gift list to see if any of these “Made in America” products would be a great idea for you.

Let your customers know that what you offer are also “Made in America” products —then remember the final words on the segment by Diane Sawyer — “Are YOU in?”    We certainly are and we are doing our best to spend, not just $64, but all we can on made in America products for under our Christmas tree this year!!

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