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September 2011
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One Stop Shopping Spot For Sewing/Crafting Items

There is a semi-annual “Mom2Mom” consignment sale held at our local fairgrounds that draws huge crowds of buyers as well as consignors.  This year my daughter and I participated as a consignor (for the first time), so on Monday I stood in line for our 10:00 a.m. drop-off appointment time.  I was there at 9:30 and was first in line, but almost immediately after that other consignors began coming in with their “drop offs”.  As I was talking to other ladies who were there to drop off their items, it was very apparent that the economy has taken a huge hit on all aspects of life!  A couple ladies were saying that they normally simply take the outgrown clothing items and toys to the local Good Will, but this year they NEEDED whatever cash they could get from selling the items at the consignment sale and had put together everything they could in order to make a few bucks.

The actual “sale” began today (Thursday) at 10:00 for those people who wanted to get in early and pay $1.00 entrance fee (the $1.00 was for a particular charity).  I was there at 9:30 just to see how many people were in line already waiting to get in —- here’s a picture of part of the line:

At 9:30 there were approximately 87 people already in line waiting for the doors to open at 10:00!  I’d driven by the fairgrounds a little after 9 heading for the Post Office, and there were already probably a dozen people standing around the door at that time.

Why would sewers and crafters go to a kids’ resale consignment affair?  This is where I get LOTS of great deals on clothing items that I can make into craft items for craft fairs, bazaars, etc.  You can find jeans for those jean purses for about a buck a pair, plus blouses, shorts and other items that can be made into craft items.  I also look for sheets and pillow cases, as the fabric from the sheets/pillow cases can be used for dozens of things.   At a previous kids consignment sale I found a really nice girls skort – had pink checked shorts under a khaki skirt, that I’m using for a project tutorial for this blog in a few days.  I’ve even found small bags of jewelry findings that I’ve re-used for various projects.

Check around in your local areas for consignment sales such as this – I guarantee that you’ll find many things CHEAP that you can use for your own sewing/crafting projects without spending big dollars at the fabric stores.  You’ll be helping the consignors make a few dollars in addition to saving yourself some money.

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