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September 2011
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When You Get “Snowed Under” With Sewing……

I’m just wondering if anybody out there gets into a “sewing rut” like I do!!!  Sometimes it feels like I’m just so “over my head” with sewing projects and things that HAVE to be done TODAY that the rest of my life seems to fade away.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re doing a major sewing project like making cheerleader outfits, sewing up a bunch of new items for the next craft fair or just simply trying to get all the fall school sewing done, it’s very easy to get yourself 100% into a sewing mode and hope the dishes will wash themselves (ok put them in the dishwasher), laundry gets folded somehow just so you can stay on track with the time frame you’ve alloted yourself to get the sewing done.  This is the way I’ve been the last several months, and a week or so ago a friend told me I REALLY need to just stop long enough to smell the roses!  Well, she was absolutely right!

I have now been sidetracked from my sewing rut to do a few other things — and I want to tell you that we have some GREAT things coming up!  I’ve started working on a super cool (and EASY) sewing project tutorial that we’ll be featuring probably the first of next week.   We’re planning some great fall giveaways that we know you’ll love.  I LOVE fall and this season really gets me motivated so I’m ready to roll!!

We have several fall craft festivals coming up in October/November so I’m trying a few new project ideas and I’ll be sharing them with you as well.

What craft fairs / festivals are going to be in YOUR part of the world?  We’d like to hear how you’re doing — how is the crowd (larger or smaller than last year) and how about the dollars leaving customers’ pockets to buy from the vendors at the shows?  Good luck to all of you attending these shows and keep your fingers crossed for us as well.

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One Response to “When You Get “Snowed Under” With Sewing……”

  1. HI 🙂 I LOVE your blog 🙂 You do a GREAT job 🙂 Concerning your BUSY-NESS… Sometimes we DO need to STOP and smell the roses, as your friend suggested. My business isn’t as big as I expected by this time. When I opened in 2006 I didn’t know the economy would DROP so badly 🙁 It is CONSTANTLY improving though, and I am happy 🙂 I and then 🙂 I live in a beautiful home on acreage. I have lived here for 22 years. I have a HOME STUDIO for a REASON 🙂 I can work and help customers AND stop and SMELL THE ROSES during the busy days 🙂 Unfortunately, I have needed to be BRUTAL concerning ‘extra’ activities. I have 24 hours in a day. We ALL must FIT our plans/dreams/goals/etc INTO that ‘day’….Just remember you have limited TIME.. allot it CAREFULLY 🙂 and HAPPILY 🙂 BEST from Cheryl 🙂

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