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March 2011
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Whose Products Do You Promote Most?

How much time do you spend deciding which products to promote on your website or blog?  Let’s think about it for a minute — XYZ company pays 7% commission for every sale and has lots of great items that can be promoted.  ABC company pays 10% commission, but somehow their products don’t appeal to me as much.  But then again, 10% commission looks really good.  Sure wish I could find some great products that would pay perhaps 15% commission AND be top of the line products as well!

HOLD ON a minute!!  Aren’t you passing up the best products available that perhaps pay you 100% — YOUR OWN PRODUCTS?  What if your newly designed widget started selling like hotcakes and a customer wrote in and told you she found a new use for that widget.  Don’t you think you should be talking about that widget and the many uses for it?  How much commission would you get from each sale of that widget — you’d get ALL the money, not just a few pennies!

For example, we have people write in saying “I bought your ‘Make Your own Shorts/Slacks Class’ and for the very first time I’ve been able to make a pair of slacks that fit perfectly”.  Doesn’t that sound like something worthy of mentioning in a comment page or on the website?  Or, what about the one that emailed us saying she’d bought our “Sewing Machine Repair For The Home Sewer” a month ago, and since receiving it she’d been able to follow the directions and fix 3 of her sewing machines that had gone “on the blink”.  WOW!  What wonderful emails and kind things to say about OUR products!

I would never say NOT to promote other items through commission programs because that is a very good way to make some extra money on the side.  What I AM saying is not to underestimate your own products, so be sure you’re promoting all of your goodies in addition to those commission products.

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