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February 2011
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Lessons Learned From Attending A Conference

Denise and I attended a blogging conference this past week in Nashville, and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t matter WHAT type of business you’re in, the information at these conferences is top notch!

Of course, because this was a “blogging” conference, their workshops and classes were all about helping each other, promoting each others’ blogs, and much info on the social media (twitter and facebook).  Even with this in mind, I was not the only one there from the sewing/craft field – and it was especially useful when they broke up into “groups” at various tables — the “frugal” at one table, “photography” at another, “crafts/diy” at another table, “couponers” at another table and so on.

The main thing I would like to pass along to you is that there may be many opportunities in your own area where you can get together with other sewers/crafters and pool ideas and just get acquainted with each other.  Is there a Sewing Guild group near you, or a quilting circle that you can get involved with?  I know in the local sewing guild in our area they are always looking for speakers and for people to do a program, and many times a local crafter comes in to share what they do and have a “make it and take it” project for the members.  This would be an excellent way to pass along some of YOUR knowledge and just be able to let the people know what you do, which many times helps bring in new customers.  If it would be possible for you and your “group” to get involved in some kind of community project — making little hats for babies in the NICU part of the local hospital, or making something for those in a nursing home — these types of activities would help get your name out to the public — you would be doing a community service as well as helping to get extra business for yourself.

I would also suggest that if there are blogging or other conferences in your area you might want to consider attending.  Whatever the entrance fee is will more than pay for itself in the contacts you make and people you can trade business cards with.  This past week I met and had conversations with a few people from major craft / sewing sites that were extremely interested in our Sewing Machine Repair for the Home Sewer book — and actually have been asked by them to do a “review” and giveaway of one of our Sewing Machine Repair Books — I’ll keep you informed on that so you’ll know where to go to check it out when it’s live. 

There are a lot of ways to get the word out about your business, but you must “think outside the box” and consider all avenues.

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